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20 years in the making

11th January 1999

... was the day that I opened the doors of my home office (below) to the public for the first time.

Whilst I had previously attended to client matters on a private basis, this was the day that I took the plunge.  After building up my experience over the previous 15 years, this was the moment when I decided to try my hand at not just being an accountant!

Over the past 20 years I have discovered that it is so much more. Over the journey I have been a guide to clients, a mentor, someone to talk to about anything and everything other than accounting.

I have met many wonderful and inspirational human beings, I have worked with different professionals, not just in the accounting field but in the various business sectors. I have also formed great relationships with trusted business advisors.

Some clients have been lifelong clients of mine, some have become close and personal friends.

Each day I have learnt something new. Whether it is changes in the law, changes in people’s circumstances and the consequences of this, different people who you meet and throw a different slant on things to what I have been used to.

So where to from here?  Will I be writing a similar blog in twenty years’ time? Whilst no one knows the answer to this, what I do know is what a wonderful privilege and honour it has been to meet all of you over the journey.

And to my team, a big thank you for shaping the firm as it stands today.

(This may even be cause for a party!)

- Eugene



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