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Astute, approachable accounting services for individuals, businesses and not-for-profits

Tax Accounting & Business Services

While you’re managing the other thousand things that keep your business in shape, we’ll take care of your taxes. Your MTT tax accountant is a peerless expert in everything with an acronym like GST, FBT, CGT, BAS, TPAR and STP*, and everything without one, including:

  • Income tax returns (for sole traders, partnerships, companies, trusts, and self-managed superannuation funds)

  • Superannuation guarantee

  • Workcover

  • Payroll tax

  • Tax audits

Safe hands, wise heads

Hand us your tax accounting, and you can:

  • Relax at tax time, knowing there’ll be no scary surprises or unclaimed deductions

  • Enjoy ongoing, hassle-free compliance without having to wrap your head around the ever-changing tax rules

  • Boost your business with a dynamic tax management plan built on solid strategies and up to the minute advice

  • Trade tax headaches for time and energy to invest in your business.

Cloud Accounting

Xero accounting software has over 700 apps dedicated to streamlining your bookkeeping and business management processes and securing them in ‘The Cloud’.


As Xero Gold Partners, our team of certified geeks will help you customise and install the perfect set of apps for your business. Then we’ll train your team to be skilful, self-sufficient Xero aces.


Furthermore, we’ll have your back for sorting glitches and updates and scaling up, so your systems evolve with your business.

3 Clear benefits of basing your business in the cloud

Collaborate in real-time.

We see what you see. Shared, instant access to your financials means you’ll never miss an opportunity, a deadline, or a hint of trouble in the making.  

Be totally mobile.
End payroll pain.
Two ladies sitting on a couch smiling and having a business meeting, one lady is holding an iPad

Ready to move to cloud-based accounting? 

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs)

If you’re among the 1.1 million Australians who’ve opted to take control of their super, our strategic, up-to-the-minute advice and flawless tax management can help you get the best from your fund.

Integrated expertise, increased returns

Your MTT accountant partners with a highly skilled, switched-on financial advisor from More Than Wealth. The result? 


You get ‘on tap’ access to perfectly integrated expertise for:

  • Setting up your SMSF

  • Preparing annual financial accounts, and tax and regulatory returns

  • Advising you on pension strategies, tax benefits and compliance 

  • Taking care of the plethora of ongoing SMSF documentation


Protect your SMSF’s health and profitability with dynamic, actionable advice and sound administration and tax accounting.

Succession planning

Succession planning can be delicate and confronting. We offer skilful, empathetic help to protect and pass on your assets as you wish. 

Handing over your business by ‘design’ – when you retire, or ‘accident’ - because of illness or injury can be challenging. A clear, current succession plan that’s legally endorsed and widely accepted can make transitions immeasurably easier. 

We can help reduce the stress of succession by:

  • Advising on the most tax-effective timing and methods for asset transfers 

  • Collaborating with lawyers and other professionals required to certify wills and power of attorney and establish testamentary trusts

  • Updating your plan in response to changes in your circumstances or the tax laws


Aside from smoothing business transitions, we’ll also support your comfortable retirement by setting up and sustaining a profitable Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). 

Meet your Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) obligations and maintain excellent corporate governance. 

MTT can: 

  • Lodge new business name registrations with ASIC

  • Incorporate companies and trusts and maintain registers

  • Maintain your ASIC records 

  • Support your board by preparing director and shareholder minutes

  • Set up and maintain secure, accessible cloud-based document control

  • Schedule and send SMS reminders to keep everyone informed  

Need effortlessly efficient corporate secretarial services?   

Corporate Secretarial Services

Stack of More Than Tax charcoal folders sitting on a table
More Than Tax accounting services FAQ
  • Why choose us?
    We’re with you for the long game We don’t do ‘set and forget.’ So, expect to see and hear from us outside of tax time. Why? Because helping you stay competitive and compliant means, we check the pulse of your business regularly. We update you on trends and help steer you safely away from costly traps. We help ensure you’re up to speed on every opportunity to enhance your business. We’re a multitalented, multilingual bunch Our six accountants speak five languages, and we’re experts in translating ‘ATO speak’ into plain English or your preferred language. We’ve also got loads of actual retail and business experience. So, our clients from diverse communities and sectors appreciate that besides knowing our stuff, we also know theirs. We take care of the tedium And support you and your team to do the absorbing and fun jobs, like feeling comfortable storing your data in the Cloud, making strategic decisions, and taking carefully calculated risks to grow your business. We’re about more than tax We know it can be tough to find timely, expert help with all the essentials for thriving in your small business. So, we’ve set up a hub of ‘more than’ companies. Now you can connect to an integrated network of trustworthy, skilful business development, wealth creation and marketing experts. More about us
  • Are your accountants CPA certified?
    Yes, they are. And between them, our CPA-qualified directors, Eugene Ferraro and Adrienne Ng have over forty-five years of tax accounting and business development experience. As CPAs, our accountants complete at least 40 hours of professional development annually. So, you can confidently count on our expertise being deep and current. Meet our team
  • I'm new to small business. Can you help me?
    Yes! We’ll help you: Build on solid foundations by setting up your most appropriate business structure and referring you to financial advisors who can help you source secure funding if you need it Choose and install efficient, human-centred business systems using top technologies customised to suit your business Take care of your tax accounting to help you stay compliant in an ever-changing tax law landscape Keep your books in superb shape, so you have peace of mind We’ll also be there to answer questions, troubleshoot glitches, discuss what’s next and make it happen. Talk to us
  • Where is your office?
    Find us at Level 1, Suite 1, 415 Riversdale Road, in Hawthorn. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm or other times by appointment. Email us at: Call us on: 03 9841 5722
  • Which sectors and industries do you service?
    We’re best known for working with start-ups, not-for-profits (NFPs), hospitality, real estate, building and construction, professional services, retail and wholesale, IT, recruitment, and medical practices. But in fact, we help businesses in any sector looking to work with astute, approachable accountants and savvy business advisors. See our services
  • Can you help me choose and set up structures for my new business?
    Absolutely! We’d love to help you make a flying start. We start with a free chat so you can tell us about your great business adventure. When we understand the scope of your goals and resources, we’ll help you set up a safe and solid structure for your business. We can organise your ABN and TFN, register you for GST and recommend and refer you to reliable, skilful services for marketing and financing your business. As Xero Gold partners, we can help choose, install, and get up to speed with top accounting and business software. We’ll have your systems up and running before you can say ‘cloud accounting.’ Book a chat
  • Can you do the bookkeeping for my Business Activity Statement?
    Yes! Our bookkeepers are Xero and MYOB experts. They’re hugely credentialled and highly experienced. They’re across everything your accountant needs and provide impeccable BAS on time and every time. Their dazzling BAS bookkeeping is a thing of beauty and an antidote to reporting headaches. Sort my BAS
  • Do you provide financial planning services?
    We’re not licenced financial planners. However, we can connect you with trustworthy, empathetic experts who will give you the advice and support you need. If our ‘more than’ method of going the extra mile works for you, the team at our partner company, ‘More than Wealth’ can help you with financial and retirement planning, superannuation services, SMSF set-up, and active investment management, wealth creation and funding your business. Discover More Than Wealth
  • I'm not based in Melbourne. Can you still help me with my tax accounting and other financial needs?
    We certainly can. Thanks to the wonders of cloud accounting, we can view your accounts and other financial data from anywhere and in real-time. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, we can take care of your tax accounting and support you in growing your business. When you need to chat, we’ll set up a video conference or give you a call. Wherever they are in Australia, our clients know they can count on us for more than tax.

Business & Investment Consulting

Whether you’re starting up, starting over, ramping up, selling up, or winding down we’ll help you keep your promises and achieve your goals.

Want pragmatic, proactive business support from friendly humans who have your interests at heart? 

Firm foundations for emerging businesses
  • Selecting and setting up your optimal business structure

  • Securing solid funding

  • Becoming fluent users of a customised Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks accounting system

Fresh thinking for established businesses
Sustainable growth for any enterprising business   
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