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We have implemented a new ATO mail system

More Than Tax team reviewing SmartDocs

Our new ATO SmartDocs mailing system enables us to deliver ATO mail to clients in the most efficient and secure manner possible.

What can you expect?

When you receive electronic mail from the ATO, you will receive a text (SMS) message. This will advise you to log into your email account and use the 6-digit code in the text message to access your mail.

Note, our system can only send mail digitally if we have a valid email and mobile number for you. If your details have changed, please contact our office to update your records.

The features and benefits of this are:

Enhanced Security

ATO mail often contains sensitive information including your TFN, taxable income, home address and other personal details. Identity theft and cybercrime is on the rise and documents sent by email or traditional post increase the risk of your information falling into the wrong hands. A fully encrypted email and secure portal with 2FA will protect your identity and data security.

Two factor authentication (2FA)

Whilst TFN can be redacted from ATO digital mail, however TFN forms part of the most important part of a document – the Payment Reference Number (PRN), which for obvious reasons cannot be redacted. Cyber criminals are getting smarter and more sophisticated, and the only way to deliver ATO digital mail securely is to implement two factor authentication.

The Vault

As secure as it sounds, all your ATO mail will be available to you from your Vault from the day we transitioned to ATO Smart Docs. TFN is automatically redacted on all document downloads from the Vault, including TFN embedded in your PRN. Hence you don’t have to worry about downloading and forwarding your ATO documents from the Vault to your banker or broker.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference to the previous ATO digital mail system?

Previously we have been sending ATO mail digitally to your email after your TFN has been redacted. However your TFN is still present in the PRN which you require to make payments to the ATO. With the new system, you will receive a secure email invitation to your Vault. The access to your Vault is protected by 2FA. When you first access the link, you will be presented with a simple 3-step login screen.

  • Step 1 will display the last 3 digits of your mobile phone number. This allows you to click the Get Access Code button. Once clicked, the Access Code will be generated and sent via SMS to your mobile.

  • Step 2 Enter your Access Code received via SMS to the specified field.

  • Step 3 Click Submit Access Code to access your Vault and ATO documents.

Can I use an authenticator app instead of SMS as 2FA?

I share the same email address with my partner. Will we have the same or separate vaults?

Why have I received an SMS but no email?

Why have I received an email but no SMS?

I am receiving paper correspondence, how do I get digital delivery?

Can I still receive paper correspondence?

How can More Than Tax help?

If you have any queries on the information above, please contact us at


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