More Than ... / Meet the rest of the family

Formed in 2016, the More Than Business Group is a collective of companies that together form an innovative hub for small businesses. Each of the companies in our group provide specific support services to small businesses.


Here at More Than Tax we work closely with the other companies in our group so if you'd like us to put you in touch with them just let us know! 

More Than Wealth

More Than Wealth is made up of a dedicated team of financial advisors to help their clients with a range of financial needs. The team at More Than Wealth can assist with; financial planning, retirement planning, superannuation services, SMSF set-up, active investment management, and wealth creation strategies.

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More Than Your Brand 

More Than Your Brand is the creative branch of the group with one main goal; to share your story. Every interaction you have with a potential client, from targeted online campaigns to simple email responses, speaks volumes about your business. More Than Your Brand works closely with their clients to provide a flexible range of services to assist them with marketing their business; from website design & build, to social media strategies, they are here to help you reach your audience.

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